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There are three members of the fractal gods. Fractually, 100Eyes and Imazahl. Fractually creates 3d fractal animations, 100eyes music and Imazahl 2d Fractals. Currently think site is mostly dedicated to Fractually's work.


They primarily create animations for a wide variety of purposes including music videos, VR content, dome projections, videos of festivals, NFTs and Installations.

There are three unique properties of 3d fractals that Fractually focuses on: infinite detail, complex motion and geometry.


Infinite detail. 3d fractals are created using a combination of simple mathematical formulae. These special formula allow you to zoom infinitely into the fractals they create and hence a single formula can create an infinitely large world. Fractually then uses a variety of techniques to traverse these worlds and capture snippets of them, similar to how a photographer travels to interesting parts of the earth. 

These fractal worlds often look very computer generated. By using lighting, colouring, post processing and a large amount of effects Fractually enhances these worlds to look more realistic and transforms them into physical places such as alien forests, deserts or oceans.


Geometry. Within fractals you will often see the same structures at different sizes as lots of the formulae iterate the same set of rules (structure generation) many times. Creating fractals with interesting and unique parts to them while allowing the viewer to see the same structures at different scales is an art. 


Complex motion. As the creation of 3d fractals is mathematics based, by changing different parameters in the formula Fractually can create complex morphisms, often completely changing the appearance of the generated fractal. The motions are often strange and unorthodox that humans couldn't think of and that 3d art generated in different ways couldn't reproduce.


There is often movement of the fractal at a large scale that is replicated at the detail or texture level, creating bizarre shifting scenes where the world is moving and constantly changing. 


There are many tools to master when creating fractals. The mathematics of generating them, photography when finding interesting places, motion design when creating animations, rendering solutions, lighting, colouring and post processing, music integration, social media, client interactions, website design and many more. 


Because there is such a wide variety of tools to learn, Fractually gets inspiration from a lot of different places. A few notable mentions are music videos just as Weval's - Someday, Max Cooper's - Order from Chaos and Ganja White Night's - Chak Chel. Nature photography from David Muench, Chasing Coral and Louie Schwartzberg's Moving Art. Festivals such as Oroza, Boom festival and Modem. Psytrance, techno, rock  and dubstep artists such as Avalon, Tristan, Imagine Mars, Einmusik, Tool, Jon Hopkins, Stephan Bodzin, LSDream, Griz and Clozee many who Fractually has now worked with.

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Fractal Gods



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